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PTC Creo Expert Moldbase Extension 8.0 F000 x86/x64 | 246MB

Creo Expert Moldbase Extension has adapted detailed set of plates, and detail all of the leading suppliers to the requirements of the major standards in this area.
Creo Expert Moldbase Extension has a dedicated graphical user interface with a two-dimensional schematic view of a prefabricated model blocks, and separate components. It is possible to create and use their designs, components, types of used injection machines, make a database of its suppliers.
Selection of basic parameters of the components of molds is in two-dimensional mode. If necessary, specify the parameters of the placement of a component constructor calls the three-dimensional structure. This approach speeds up the development process of the mold.
As a rule, full three-dimensional model of the mold assembly with the holes made in the plates, grooved, etc. are formed in an automated way. In this case, all of the holes and slots are dependent – when the component for which they were made design elements, are also removed. If you change the size and position of components, these geometric Constructs automatically rebuilt.
Creo Expert Moldbase Extension automatically places fasteners, calculates the length of the push rods and the characters, creates openings for circuit details. To facilitate the visualization of Creo Expert Moldbase Extension allows you to enable / disable the display of any components.
In Creo Expert Moldbase Extension has a mechanism of disclosure of the mold by means of animation, with analysis on the interconnectivity of components. Carrying out the following calculations:
mapping efforts compression machine and the pressure created within the form;
force acting on the wedge as it moves (in the mechanism of the movable rod) for a given course;
the length of the wedge;
ANGLE pusher;
delay (with the dual disclosure model unit)
total project cost in the manufacture of molds.
The main advantages
High performance when designing a model unit because the designer creates the mold of pre adaptive components – cubes that have already been created drawing templates.
Reducing the likelihood of errors, because the placement of components and perform all the necessary cut-outs with appropriate clearances fully automated.
The user interface is a two-dimensional visualization of change provides an opportunity to study rapid mold without wasting time on the regeneration of the three-dimensional model.
Development of molds for concrete casting machine with the calculation required clamping force.
Automated creation of control programs for holes in the plates.
Calculating the cost of the mold.
Create your own library boards, components, structures, mechanisms and model blocks in the dialogue.
The rapid development of the module, interactive reference guide to the animations.
Key features
Automatic component placement molds, followed by removal of material in the plates.
Automatic generation of the specification, drawings and assembly drawing boards.
Automatically create associative hole tables in drawings.
Creating animation mode mold analysis for interconnectivity components.
Library building blocks of molds and individual parts leading suppliers: DME, DMS, EOC, Futaba, Misumi, HASCO, KLA, Meusburger, Pedrotti, Rabourdin, Strack, FCPK and libraries GOST following nomenclature:
design model blocks (a standard set of all types of sizes, double push, double opening);
a set of plates and insulation;
centering elements (bushes, columns);
pushers and kontrtolkateli;
circuit and the cooling system;
mechanisms movable rod;
tilt mechanism pushed;
dual mechanisms of disclosure;
transfer mechanisms, for threaded models;
schemes hot runner systems, nozzles, manifolds, plumbing.
Create custom libraries with your own types of structures and parts molds.
Date of Release: 2012
Version: 8.0 Build F000
Developer: PTC
Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Language: Multilingual
System requirements: 
The presence of pre-
Pro / E WF5
Creo Parametric 1.0
Creo Parametric 2.0
Additional Information:
How to connect to the installed EMX WF5, Creo Parametric 1.0 (2.0) – Look readme.txt

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