Tổng hợp các phím tắt trên Artcam

View Control 

Switch to 2D view F2

Switch to 3D view F3

Switch Assistant / Toolpath Manager F4

Toggle through Assistant, Layers, Toolpath windows etc. Alt + Tab

Vector Drawing

Create object and close page Enter or Right mouse button

Create and continue Space bar

Cancel and close page Esc.

Close Polyline Tab

Vector Modes 

Selection Mode Esc

Node and Multi-node Editing N

Transform vector(s) T

Transform vector(s) with dialog T (Press Twice)

Edit 2D shape E

Fillet Vectors F

Selection Mode 

Start point P

Cut vector C

Join vectors with coincident points J

Constrain drag to x or y axis Alt

Create copy on drag Ctrl

Node and Multi-node Editing Mode 

Span Editing 

Convert span(s) to line L

Convert span(s) to Bezier B

Convert span to arc A

Cut vector C

Remove span(s) R

Point Editing 

Insert a point I

Delete point(s) D

Smooth point(s) On / Off S

Start point P

Align points in X (from last in selection) X

Align points in Y (from last in selection) Y

Constrain drag to x or y axis Alt

Transform Mode 

Create copy on drag Ctrl

Scale proportionally Shift

Scale about centre Alt

Vector Alignment

Centre in Page F9

Left Ctrl + Left arrow

Horizontal Centre Shift + Left arrow

Right Ctrl + Right arrow

Top Ctrl + Up arrow

Vertical Centre Shift + Down arrow

Bottom Ctrl + Down arrow

Vector Grouping 

Group objects Ctrl + G

Ungroup objects Ctrl + U

Zoom Control 

2D Design view

2D view Zoom in Ctrl + Right mouse button

2D view Zoom out Shift + Right mouse button

3D Display view 

3D view twiddling Left mouse button

3D view Zoom in / out Push / Pull Right mouse button

3D view Pan Left + Right mouse button


Multiple selection Shift + Left mouse button

Copy to clipboard Ctrl + C

Paste from clipboard Ctrl + V

Edit Undo Ctrl + Z

Edit Redo Ctrl + A

Cut vector(s) Ctrl + X

Save File Ctrl + S

Open File Ctrl + O

Edit / Add Guidelines Double click on a guide line

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