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Direct link download for UGS NX Unigraphics Portable x86

by yen_ty
UGS NX Unigraphics Portable x86


UGS NX Unigraphics Portable x86 | 1.63 GB

UGS NX Unigraphics Portable x86 | 1.63 GB
This enables companies in a short time return investment spent on the purchase and implementation of Unigraphics. In RF Unigraphics takes a strong position thanks to the vast capabilities of the system in different areas of the industry (the aerospace industry, engine building, car industry, mechanical engineering, etc.) and use of walking up to date technology, providing the user the best solution in MCAD at all steps creation of the product. Furror Unigraphics system in the Russian market proved a broad base of users, furrorami reached them at the end of the system. An important advantage of the system is that it is the only CAD / CAM / CAE system for top-level market, which has Russian interface and documentation in the Russian language. The company provides services UGS implementation and consulting of Unigraphics, which allows companies in Russia successfully implement the system and get real benefits from its use.
Extras. information
– Flexibility – NX 6 has unusually flexible, allowing users to freedom of design with the support of synchronous technology provides superior direct editing in the creation of models. Development of Design Freedom combines the best features of parametric design and direct editing, providing a multiple increase productivity.
– Power – NX 6 can solve complex puzzles, with the support of powerful CAD / CAM / CAE. Developed simulation tools in NX 6 allows you to solve the most difficult puzzles of engineering analysis, which is one third reduces the need for physical mock-ups.
-Interaction – a single workflow in NX 6 provides a general work on the product, a 20% reduction in design cycle by supporting productivity tools such as item-machined parts.
– Productivity – NX 6 provides increased productivity by expanding the capacity re-use of data. As a result, the introduction of models of album design time is reduced by 40%. In NX 6 increase in productivity is achieved and also due to the ability of borrowing data – design, analysis, tech. action – from different CAD systems, which allows re-entry is invalid info and to reduce the analysis time and treatment.
Design Freedom and synchronous design provides unsurpassed flexibility.
System requirements:
Virtual Memory: 4 GB
CPU: HT off when using NX.

15$ for 1 DVD, We will send DVD to you and you pay the ship or We will send the direct link for you and help you install if you buy more than 5 DVD. Pay by Paypal.


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