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PTC Creo v1.0 M050 with HelpCenter Multilanguage ISO-SSQ | 5.7GB

Integrated CAD systems such as Pro/Engineer will have so many commands and options that navigating them has become confusing. Creo addresses the problem by dividing Pro/Engineer into a family of applications targeted to specific tasks. The idea is that each app will contain only those functions needed for a specific activity.
Creo release 1.0 have nine apps including direct and parametric modeling, p-element analysis, 3D viewing and markup, printed circuit viewing and markup, and several 2D sketching applications. In Creo 2.0 and beyond, PTC plans to add additional apps for numerically controlled milling, detailed drafting, realistic rendering, a freestyle app that employs subdivision surfaces, two assembly automation apps, and others. Mike Campbell, PTC’s divisional vice president for design and visualization products, said he expects PTC to offer between 30 and 50 Creo apps.
The Creo 1.0 list includes:
– Creo Parametric is the app for parametric modeling (as you might guess). All the capabilities of Creo Elements/Pro aka Pro/ENGINEER.
– Creo Direct is a standalone app for expert and non-expert CAD engineers who want to interact directly with the geometry.
– Creo Simulate is the analyst app. Use it for structural and thermal simulation.
– Creo Layout is the app for anybody who wants to flesh out early concept layout work in 2D, with the intention of ultimately evolving the design to 3D.
– Creo Schematics is the app for creating 2D routed systems diagrams, like cabling and piping.
– Creo Illustrate is an app full of tools for those who need to communicate complex service information concepts graphically in 3D.
– Creo View MCAD is a lighter weight app for those who want to view, interrogate, and mark up MCAD geometry.
– Creo View ECAD is another light-weight app. But for ECAD geometry.
– Creo Sketch is everything you need to quickly freehand a design idea in 2D.

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