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DVD đĩa cài đặt game FIFA 13 v1.6

by yen_ty

FIFA 13 v1.6 (2012/Multi2/Repack from a1chem1st)

FIFA 13 v1.6 (2012/Multi2/Repack from a1chem1st)
2012 | PC | Language & sound language : ENG/RUS | Developer: EA Canada | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 4.14GB
Genre: Sport (Soccer) / 3D

Part of the annual series of football simulators FIFA. the list of changes – a more realistic system for receiving and handling the ball, depending on the strength, speed and altitude sports equipment, and along with the technical skills of players, improved physics engine,
utterly believable depicting collision of players on the field – clown acrobatics like not planned, and full control of the ball and brought to mind dribbling, the system of “tactical” free kick, allowing the ball elegantly play three players or increase the number of players in the “stenochke”; podnatorevshy artificial intelligence, better perceived by various schemes of the game and anticipate opponent – especially attacking Udaltsov, remain alert to the location of the last defender
. The list also includes promises induced marafet graphics and more realistic faces of players, for we have to say thanks to craftsmen of Dimensional Imaging, persons engaged in the digitization of famous athletes. In addition, Mr. Rutter stated his intention to make changes to the virtual work of judges, provide goalies for a couple with the crowd cheering in the stands with the new animation and diversified repertoire of players with new movements.

Price:  50k  1 DVD

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