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DVD hướng dẫn tạo mô hình du thuyền hoàn chỉnh trong 3DSmax

by yen_ty

3D Total Training – Modelling, Mapping & Texturing a Fighter Ship in 3DsMax
English | Flash, 1024×754, 15fps | MP3, 32kbps, 22kHz, mono | 3.86 GB

“The aim of our training DVDs is to provide the artist with the most comprehensive set of lessons available. This is achieved by presenting the training material in the form of printable step by step text and images combined with on screen movies and audio instructions.”
Vol.1 Modelling, Mapping & Texturing a Creature Head in 3dsmax
01 Modelling
In this section we will be covering many of the Editable Poly tools that Max now supports such as adding subdivisions and detail using Edge Loop/Ring and Connect as well as Bevel and Inset to form features and Cut and Weld to tidy up problem areas. We will also deal with Extrusions along Splines, Instancing geometry, creating eyes,using Meshsmooth to increase levels of detail and finally how to apply a material to our model.
02 Mapping
After finishing our mesh we will be learning how to map our model with a texture using the UVW Map tool and techniques such as Cylindrical and Planar mapping. We will cover using temporary bitmaps to check the integrity of our mapping and then learn how to use UVW Unwrap to arrange our mapping co-ordinates and explore tools such as Relax and Mirror to create a wireframe template. Finally we will deal with how to export our template guide into Photoshop to begin painting our Texture.
03 Texturing
In our final section we shall cover the principals of hand painting a texture from scratch in Photoshop where we shall provide an overview of painting a skin base, adding shadows and highlights, blemishes and wrinkles. We will learn how to paint a Colour map to create the overall look and detail across the head, a bump map to enhance and define the texture of the skin and wrinkles across the head and a Specular map to create highlights over the surface. We will look at painting a texture for the eyes and horns and eventually how all these combine in a final render.
Vol.2 Modelling, Mapping & Texturing a Fighter Ship in 3dsmax
01 Modelling
The modelling section is a comprehensive guide to building every component of the ship from the creation of a template box utilising orthographic views of the model to use as a guide through to modelling with Editable Poly tools and Subdivision surfaces covering the main hull as well as vents, windows, engine and gun parts. It covers numerous tools and modifiers such as Bevel, Inset, Lathe and Extrude as well as detailing the linking of objects in a heirarchy and the animation of various gun components and also deals with assigning smothing groups to sub-object selections in order to create panelling across the ship.
02 Mapping
This section deals with various mapping and unwrapping techniques including Planar and Cylindrical mapping and explains the process of mapping the model in sections and then stitching the elements together using the Unwrap UVW modifier. It explains the methods involved in creating an efficient template ready for the Texturing stage and shows how a wireframe guide can be exported into Photoshop in preperation for this. You will learn how to use a guide template to check the integrity of mapping co-ordinates and discover the methods behind unwrapping 3D components into logical 2D images.
03 Texturing
As well as showing how materials are applied in Max using the Material Editor this section deals in depth with a comprehensive overview of Photoshop techniques that show practical tips on texturing 3D models. It covers numerous methods that amongst others detail the creation of Colour / Diffuse maps, Specular maps, Bump and Reflection maps and shows how dirt maps can be used to age a model. Vents, panels and engine parts are all covered and we show how all the various textures can be hand painted from scratch and by using a Blend material and Mask we explain how wear and tear can be used to transform a new looking ship into a battle hardened


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