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Phần mềm lập trình gia công CNC nhỏ gọn nổi tiếng Bắc Mỹ BobCad 24

by yen_ty

Phần mềm gia công này thật sự ở Việt Nam có rất ít người xài, nhưng nếu bạn định xin vào những công ty gia công của Mỹ hoặc Canada ở VN thì đó là thế mạnh của bạn nếu bạn nắm được phần mềm này.

Phần mềm cũng có tên tuổi khá nổi trên thị Trường Mỹ và Canada.
Bạn có thể xem thông tin của phần mềm: Dung lượng 300Mb, có đủ bộ post processor và plugin cần thiết đi kèm.
BobCAM philosophy: Easy to use, low cost, powerful software for all shops. Manufactures large and small all over the world choose our products because of the value and ease of use. If you want to program 2D and 3D parts and you are looking for an easy to use low cost solution; This is the right system for you!
Why BobCAD-CAM for Lathe?
The Lathe CAD/CAM software provides complete 2D & 3D Design capabilities, 2 Axis CAM toolpath and G-Code programming solutions for CNC Turning. We give you the ability to create part programs and edit them inside the Job-CAM Tree Manager or on your machine’s controller. With our canned cycle support in posting you can minimize the size of your NC programs. When it comes to CAM programming for CNC Turning this system is very easy to use!
Lathe Software FeaturesThe 2 Axis Lathe CAD/CAM system can be added to an existing Mill system or acquired as a stand-alone CAD/CAM product. For CNC Turning, the software offers a wide variety of fully associative 2 Axis machining features. This means that modifications to part geometry can be made and toolpaths automatically updated. This saves time and greatly reduces programming mistakes. And it’s very easy to learn and use!
CAD Design
Wireframe, surfaces & Solid modeling
Design/Geometry Editing
Geometry Verification
Customizable Toolbars
2 Axis Turning
Job – CAM Tree Manager
Save & Load Machine Features
Feature On/OFF Posting
OD/ID Roughing
OD/ID Finishing
OD/ID Grooving
Auto Cut Off
Stock Feed
Chamfer & Fillet Corner Break Options
Finish contouring with optional multiple passes for casting roughing
Automatically create a finish pass after a rough operation using the same tool
G-Code Editor
Customizable Post Processors
RS 232 Communications
DNC Capabilities


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