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Phần mềm mô phỏng thiết kế kim loại tấm Dynaform 5.8

by yen_ty

DYNAFORM allows organizations to bypass soft tooling, reducing overall tryout time, lowering costs, increasing productivity & providing complete confidence in die system design.  It also allows for the evaluation of alternative and unconventional designs & materials.

By simulating every detail during the design stage, DYNAFORM ensures the highest quality formed part & most efficient manufacturing process possible.

Blank Size Engineering (BSE)
BSE is widely used for estimating blank size, along with blank nesting for maximum material usage, scrap & piece price. The plug-in is used to predict thinning, thickening & also  to generate a forming limit diagram (FLD).
Die Face Engineering (DFE)
A complete die face engineering package, this plug-in is used to create tooling design, including binder and addendum, from the part geometry.
Formability Simulation (FS)
FS facilitates the rapid development & validation of  single-station & progressive die designs. It uncovers hidden problem areas & enables designers to optimize designs based on accurate forming results.
Die System Analysis (DSA)
DSA efficiently predicts many stamping related concerns within the die production line. It is used to analyze scrap shedding/removal, die structural integrity & sheet metal transferring/handling.
Optimization Platform (OP)
This new module helps users to go beyond identifying problem areas, by incorporating design optimization to improve performance and quality – reducing wrinkling, thinning and tearing.

Giá: 50k/CD

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