Video hướng dẫn autocad 2011 essential

Đây là video hướng dẫn khá chi tiết về autocad gồm 113 video với thời lượng hơn 7h, dung lượng 1,35 Gb.
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Understanding model space3m 44s
Accessing AutoCAD’s tools3m 2s
Leveraging dockable palettes3m 1s
Monitoring the Status bar1m 28s
Understanding the anatomy of a command2m 14s
Customizing AutoCAD’s preferences3m 13s
Accessing help3m 38s
Saving a workspace3m 13s

2. Opening, Viewing, and Saving Drawings19m 42s

Opening an AutoCAD drawing3m 2s
Understanding mouse functions2m 44s
Zooming, panning, and regenning4m 24s
Working in a multiple-document environment2m 39s
Saving your work2m 29s
Saving time with templates4m 24s

3. Creating Basic Geometry14m 35s

Constructing lines2m 20s
Locking angles with the Ortho and Polar modes4m 49s
Drawing circles4m 10s
Activating the Heads-Up Display3m 16s

4. Understanding Drawing Units14m 48s

Defining a unit of measure6m 28s
Constructing geometry using architectural measurements4m 6s
Working with metric units4m 14s

5. Maintaining Accuracy23m 45s

Understanding the Cartesian coordinate system4m 53s
Locking to geometry using object snaps7m 42s
Automating object snap selection7m 26s
Using temporary tracking to find points in space3m 44s

6. Using Specialized Drawing Commands19m 30s

Drawing rectangles4m 56s
Drawing polygons3m 4s
Creating an ellipse5m 9s
Organizing with hatch patterns6m 21s

7. Making Primary Modifications29m 46s

Making geometric changes using the property changer3m 38s
Moving and copying elements4m 28s
Rotating elements3m 48s
Trimming and extending geometry5m 10s
Creating offsets6m 16s
Erasing elements2m 46s
Undoing and redoing actions3m 40s

8. Selecting Geometry11m 52s

Selecting objects using windows3m 46s
Adding and removing from selections3m 43s
Using keyboard shortcuts4m 23s

9. Refining Geometry51m 12s

Creating fillets3m 52s
Creating chamfers3m 51s
Copying objects into a rotated pattern4m 20s
Copying objects into a rectangular pattern4m 58s
Stretching elements4m 4s
Creating mirrored copies2m 12s
Scaling elements5m 0s
Leveraging grips7m 20s
Exploding elements5m 47s
Joining elements together3m 44s
Editing hatch patterns6m 4s

10. Organizing Drawings32m 19s

Understanding layers2m 43s
Creating and adjusting layers7m 20s
Using layers to organize a drawing9m 17s
Changing popular settings using the layer control3m 30s
Understanding the BYLAYER property3m 37s
Restoring previous layer states3m 42s
Using existing geometry to set the current layer2m 10s

11. Adding General Annotations37m 43s

Creating single-line text3m 11s
Justifying text5m 18s
Controlling appearance using text styles6m 10s
Annotating with multi-line text5m 10s
Editing text4m 32s
Creating bulleted and numbered lists3m 29s
Incorporating symbols5m 28s
Correcting spelling errors4m 25s

12. Dimensioning28m 37s

Creating general dimensions4m 13s
Creating continuous and baseline dimensions2m 13s
Controlling appearance using dimension styles4m 57s
Modifying dimensions6m 6s
Creating multileaders2m 53s
Controlling appearance using multileader styles3m 23s
Modifying multileaders4m 52s

13. Generating and Managing Reusable Content25m 19s

Inserting blocks4m 34s
Creating blocks6m 41s
Leveraging blocks5m 39s
Redefining blocks3m 1s
Building a block library5m 24s

14. Accessing Specialized Tools13m 50s

Querying a drawing using rollover tooltips2m 9s
Taking measurements using the Distance command3m 2s
Modifying properties using the Quick Properties tool4m 25s
Automating calculations using the Quick Calculator feature4m 14s

15. Plotting36m 6s

Creating quick plots6m 4s
Selecting a pen table5m 48s
Choosing line weights4m 32s
Creating a layout, pt. 1: Choosing a paper size2m 42s
Creating a layout, pt. 2: Inserting a title block2m 29s
Creating a layout, pt. 3: Cutting viewports6m 9s
Reusing layouts4m 3s
Organizing layouts4m 19s

16. Creating Properly Sized Annotations on Plotted Drawings16m 49s

Using the Annotative property to automatically size text4m 13s
Using the Annotative property to automatically size dimensions4m 34s
Using the Annotative property to automatically size multileaders3m 58s
Changing the scale assigned to annotations4m 4s

17. Sharing Data6m 56s

Saving drawings to other formats2m 27s
Plotting to the Design Web format2m 15s
Plotting to PDF1m 20s
Sending drawings via email54s

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